Pan Roasted Grouper ~ Makes 8 Servings

 ½      teaspoon                     salt ½      teaspoon                     fresh ground black pepper 8       each                             grouper fillets                           4 ounces each 2       tablespoons               olive oil 6       tablespoons               butter                                              melted 2       tablespoons               fresh lemon juice              ¼      cup                               fresh chopped chives  Season grouper with salt and black pepper.  Heat 2 tablespoons of melted butter in a large skillet.  Working in batches to avoid overcrowding; add remaining … Read More

Beef Tenderloin Soup – Serves 8

2 pounds  beef tenderloin    (trimmed) finely diced 1/2 cup butter            (1 stick) 1 clove garlic minced 1 medium onion  finely chopped 1 large carrot  finely chopped 4 ribs celery  finely chopped 1 cup  all-purpose flour 2 16 ounce cans whole peeled tomatoes crushed 8 cups beef stock  1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon freshly ground black … Read More


Crepes Makes 6 servings 1/2 1/8 3 1/2 1/2 1 1/4 3.5 1 1/2 1   tablespoon teaspoon   cup cup cup cup cups tablespoon tablespoon cup                  granulated sugar salt eggs milk water flour clarified butter Country Fried Apples superfine sugar ground cinnamon Creme Anglaise                 (see recipe)     (see recipe) … Read More

Bananas Foster with Vanilla Ice Cream – Makes 8 Servings

 1/2    cup             butter  (1 stick)     1        teaspoon   ground cinnamon      1/8    teaspoon   nutmeg     1        cup             dark brown sugar (packed) 1/2    cup             banana liqueur 8        medium    bananas, cut in half and split lengthwise (peeled) 1/2    cup             dark rum  8        scoops       vanilla ice cream         In a large skillet melt butter; add brown sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon then stir. Simmer over medium … Read More


1        quart                   fresh assorted berries (blueberries, blackberries,                                         raspberries and strawberries 1/2    cup                      sugar 1        tablespoon       sugar 2        cups                     all-purpose flour 4        teaspoons           baking powder 1/2    teaspoon             salt 1        pinch                   ground nutmeg 1        teaspoon             cream of tartar 1/2    cup                      butter                            (1 stick) 2        egg                      … Read More

African-American Chefs Hall of Fame leaping from digital to Savannah storefront

The Post and Courier in Charleston has posted an article about the African American Chefs Hall of Fame announcement by Chef Joe Randall.  The full article may be viewed here.   Excerpts from the article by Hanna Raskin is below.  Photography by John Carrington. By Hanna Raskin – Edna Lewis, widely considered one of the nation’s most important chefs, has been … Read More