Bananas Foster with Vanilla Ice Cream – Makes 8 Servings

 1/2    cup             butter  (1 stick)    

1        teaspoon   ground cinnamon     

1/8    teaspoon   nutmeg    

1        cup             dark brown sugar (packed)

1/2    cup             banana liqueur

8        medium    bananas, cut in half and split lengthwise (peeled)

1/2    cup             dark rum 

8        scoops       vanilla ice cream       

Bananas Foster

 In a large skillet melt butter; add brown sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon then stir. Simmer over medium heat 3-4 minutes until sugar dissolves. Add banana liqueur and blend well. Continue to simmer 3 minutes.  Place bananas in the hot sauce and simmer 6-8 minutes basting constantly with sauce until they are soft and lightly brown. Add rum and allow to cook until heated. Ignite the sauce with a match and continue to baste bananas with sauce until flames die out.         

Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the center of each dessert dish. Arrange 4 pieces of banana around each scoop of ice cream, then nap sauce over the top.                  

This recipe developed by
Chef Joseph G. Randall
All rights reserved.
Copyright © 7/7/17

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