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What Is The African American Chefs Hall of Fame?

The African American Chefs Hall of Fame is a recognition program that celebrates the living history of African American chefs and highlights those individuals whose extraordinary contributions have made American Cuisine, and use, possible.  The African American Hall of Fame was launched by the Taste of Heritage Foundation in 1993.  Inaugural inductees were announced on April 12, 1993 at the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington, DC.

“There are some extraordinary people who have helped make American Cuisine an unparalleled platform for innovation that goes well beyond what we could have ever imagined. This program honors individuals who have pushed the boundaries to bring Southern Cookery to life and make it an desirable resource enjoyed by millions.”
– Joe Randall

At the African American Chef’s Hall of Fame, our mission is “Showcasing great African American Chefs… who have Inspired us all!”

It is essential that we know our history. Most African American history has been lost or distorted, as if African American chefs didn’t play a prominent role in the culinary foundation of our nation’s culture. It is up to the African American Chefs Hall of Fame to preserve that history.

We must push ourselves to tell our story better than it has ever been told before. We will focus on celebrating the great African American chefs in the Hall of Fame through firsthand stories of their trials and tribulations. Memorable lessons they learned and unforgettable obstacles they encountered.

We stand on the shoulders of the culinary pioneers that paved the way for African American chefs of today to achieve so much and continue to garner the accolades they so truly deserve. This organization is dedicated to showcasing the lives and contributions of these remarkable pioneers and the contributions they’ve made to our industry.

Our Mission

We are fulfilling our mission in various ways, while preserving our historical roots through the induction of great African American chefs into the Hall of Fame. As custodians of African American history, we have an inherent responsibility to preserve and promote African American chefs and their contributions through various programs, thus maintaining a perpetual foundation that keeps the Hall engaged with inductees both now and in the future.

The African American Chefs Hall of Fame is currently at a pivotal place in its history. We are truly energized by its potential, but most excited about the overall clarity of our organization’s vision and its anticipated impact upon African American culinarian lives—past, present and future.

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